International developments, marketing and exploration

Prioritising competitive growth opportunities

We are utilising our capabilities to explore and develop new growth opportunities, while deepening relationships in LNG markets with strong demand.

International developments

We are building on over 30 years of development expertise from our assets in Western Australia by investing in global opportunities


A diverse portfolio

Our marketing and trading strategy is to build a diverse customer portfolio and pursue additional sales agreements, underpinned by reliable domestic gas, LNG and liquids production, and supplemented by globally sourced volumes. Our relationships with customers in Australian and international energy markets have been maintained through a track record of reliable delivery and expertise across contracting, marketing and trading.

We supply LNG to major gas and electricity utilities, trading houses and industrial buyers around the world. While we focus on liquefied natural gas (LNG), we also supply crude oil, condensate, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). We are collaborating with our customers on innovative lower-carbon energy solutions, including carbon offset LNG and liquids cargoes.


Evaluating sustainable growth opportunities

Our portfolio includes permit interests in Australia, Korea, and Senegal, where we see opportunities to leverage our core capabilities, particularly in operational competence and the application of new technologies to create increased value for our shareholders.

Global Exploration Locations

We continue to build and maintain an exploration portfolio of high-quality prospects to deliver value and resource growth.
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