We will continue working with the Government of Senegal, local communities and contractors to realise the benefits from a nationally significant development.


The Sangomar Field Development is poised to be Senegal's first offshore oil development.

The Sangomar field (formerly the SNE field), containing both oil and gas, is located 100 kilometres south of Dakar. Work on the Sangomar Field Development commenced in early 2020 and first oil production is targeted in 2023. 

The initial phase is referred to as the Sangomar Field Development Phase 1 (the Sangomar Field Development). This phase will focus on developing the less complex reservoir units and testing other reservoirs to support gas export to shore. This phase of the development will target approximately 230 million barrels of crude oil.

Woodside has taken early action to proactively manage the emerging impacts of COVID-19 on the supply chain and project schedule and is working with project contractors, the Government of the Republic of Senegal and our joint venture partners to evaluate options to reduce total cost and near-term spend whilst protecting the overall value of the investment.

The Rufisque Offshore, Sangomar Offshore and Sangomar Deep Offshore joint venture, comprising Woodside (Operator) and Societé des Petroles du Sénégal (Petrosen), is committed to the development of Sangomar field in accordance with international industry best practice and relevant government regulations.

Key stats

targeting first production
bbl/day estimated production capacity
60 +
communities engaged

Participating Interest

Rufisque Offshore, Sangomar Offshore, Sangomar Deep Offshore (RSSD) blocks

ParticipantSangomar exploitation areaRemaining RSSD evaluation area
Woodside (operator)82%90%

The Joint Venture is committed to ensuring local businesses can participate in the development of the Sangomar field.
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