Browse is Australia's largest untapped conventional gas resource.

  • 11.4 MTPA

    Project capacity LNG/LPG + domestic gas (100% of project)

  • 2018

    Concept definition phase commenced



Woodside, as Operator for and on behalf of the Browse Joint Venture, is proposing to develop the Brecknock, Calliance and Torosa fields located approximately 425 km north of Broome in the offshore Browse Basin. Hydrocarbon resources contained in these fields are predominately gas, with contingent resources of 13.9 trillion cubic feet of dry gas, and approximately 390 million barrels of condensate.

In September 2018, the BJV selected the Browse to North West Shelf (NWS) Project development concept to progress into the concept definition phase. The proposed development concept includes: two floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities delivering 11.4 Mtpa of LNG/LPG and domestic gas; and an approximately 900 km pipeline to existing NWS Project infrastructure.

The BJV is evaluating a range of options to manage greenhouse gas emissions and is progressing a feasibility assessment for a carbon capture and storage solution and opportunities to improve energy efficiency.


Delivering benefits from Browse

The Browse Project and the NWS Project Extension are expected to contribute to our communities for decades to come.¹

  • A significant boost of A$289 billion

    to Australia's Gross Domestic Product by 2063, of which 99% will be in WA.¹

  • 1,800 jobs during construction

    and an estimated 720 frontline jobs created or sustained during operations.¹

  • Powering the equivalent of 800,000+ WA homes

    every year of the proposed Browse Project through domestic gas volumes alone.¹

  • Estimated contributions of A$63 billion

    in tax and royalties and A$30 billion estimated in indirect taxation.¹

1. Source: ACIL Allen (2019). “Browse and North West Shelf Extension – Economic Impact Assessment.” - Assessment based on the total operations of each of the projects, not Woodside Energy’s share, over the study period from 2019 through to 2063.
Developments and dates are subject to joint venture approvals, regulatory approvals, appropriate market conditions and relevant commercial arrangements.



NWS Project Extension

Transforming the NWS Project into a third-party gas processing facility, enabling the ongoing supply of gas and fluids to domestic and international markets for decades to come.

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Environmental topics

The draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)/Environmental Review Document (ERD) provides Commonwealth and State regulators with the information required to assess the proposal against the requirements of the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) and the WA Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act).

The referrals and supporting documents, such as the Environmental Scoping Document (ESD) and the Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines (EISG), detail preliminary environmental impacts and risks associated with the proposed development.

The proposed Browse Project was referred to the DAWE (formerly DoEE) under the EPBC Act in October 2018. On the 22 February 2019, the DAWE determined that the proposed Browse Project is a controlled action and would be assessed at an EIS level of assessment. NOPSEMA have been engaged by DAWE to support the assessment. The decision notice identified these Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES) as being relevant to the proposed Browse Project:

  • National heritage values of a National Heritage Place;
  • Listed threatened species and communities;
  • Listed migratory species; and
  • The Commonwealth marine area, the protected matter being the environment generally.

The WA State waters component of the proposed Browse Project was referred to the EPA under the EP Act in October 2018. On 22 January 2019, the EPA determined that the proposed Browse Project requires assessment under Section 29 of the EP Act and set a Public Environmental Review (PER) level of assessment. 

Proposed Browse to NWS Project Draft EIS/ERD (December 2019)

The Browse draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Review Document (EIS/ERD) details the potential environmental impacts and risks associated with proposed development. The draft EIS/ERD was released for an eight-week public comment period, which concluded in February 2020. Woodside continues to work with the State and Commonwealth regulators with regards to the feedback received on the draft EIS/ERD.

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Environmental approvals timeline

Woodside continues to work with the State and Commonwealth regulators with regards to the feedback received on the draft EIS/ERD.

  • Referral October 2018

  • Scoping document process Sep 2019

  • Submission of draft EIS/ERD Dec 2019

  • Public comment period Dec 2019

  • Supplement draft EIS/ERD H1 2021

    Respond to comments via submission of Supplement draft EIS/ERD

  • Assess acceptability of submission responses

  • Final EIS/ERD published

  • Federal and State Ministers' decision

Participating interests

Lease/permit interests (State): TR/5 and R2
Lease/permit interests (Commonwealth): WA-28-R, WA-29-R, WA-30-R, WA-31-R and WA-32-R

Woodside Browse Pty Ltd 30.60%
Shell Australia Pty Ltd27.00%
BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd17.33%
Japan Australia LNG (MIMI Browse) Pty Ltd14.40%
PetroChina International Investment (Australia) Pty Ltd10.67%

Woodside Energy Ltd is operator for and on behalf of the Browse Joint Venture