Pluto Train 2

Woodside is proposing a brownfield expansion of Pluto LNG through the construction of a second gas processing train.

  • ~5 MTPA

    Project capacity LNG (100% of project)

  • H2 2021

    Target final investment decision

  • 2026

    Target first LNG cargo


Pluto Train 2

Woodside is proposing a brownfield expansion of Pluto LNG through the construction of a second gas processing train. Pluto Train 2 would process gas from the Scarborough gas resource and have a capacity of about 5 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) (100% project).

Expanding Pluto LNG provides potential to accelerate future developments of other offshore Pluto gas reserves, as well as third-party resources.

The appointed engineering, procurement and construction contractor for Pluto Train 2, Bechtel Australia, executed front-end engineering design (FEED) activities in 2019.

Expansion activities would also include modifications required to Pluto Train 1 for processing approximately up to 3.0 Mtpa of Scarborough gas and installation of domestic gas infrastructure to increase capacity to approximately 225 Terajoules per day.

Unlocking a low-carbon future at Pluto LNG

Woodside is committed to playing its part in reducing emissions

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Net zero at Pluto LNG

What's better than the promise of a low carbon future? A plan to get there.

We've set clear targets at Pluto, our world-class natural gas facility to put us on track to net zero emissions by 2050.

We have contemporised our plan on how we will reduce emissions (the Pluto Greenhouse Gas Abatement Program) with a low-carbon future in mind. We are targeting emissions reductions in line with our corporate commitments of 30% by 2030.

This path to net zero includes the proposed development of the Scarborough gas resource to be mostly processed through an expanded Pluto LNG facility. Together, these developments are amongst the lowest-carbon LNG sources delivering to North Asia globally (Wood Mackenzie analysis).

Environmental topics

Pluto LNG was originally designed to allow efficient brownfield development and third-party gas processing. An area for a second train was pre-prepared in 2007/2008, therefore minimal further earthworks are required for the construction of Pluto Train 2.

A number of Commonwealth and State environmental approvals were granted to facilitate the original development of Pluto LNG. In compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, Woodside is undertaking rigorous environmental and risk management planning for the Pluto Train 2.

Environmental approvals timeline

Existing primary environmental approvals for Pluto LNG allow for two LNG trains and supporting infrastructure. Associated management plans will be evaluated under these approvals and updated as required.

  • Referral Apr 2006

  • Scoping document process Aug 2006

  • Preparing the draft Public Environmental Review Aug 2006

  • Public comment period Dec 2006

  • Public Environmental Review report assessment Jul 2007

  • Federal and State Ministers' decision Dec 2007

  • Changes to proposal approved (s45C) Jul 2019

    Changes to proposal approved under section 45C.