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Working openly

Woodside’s success depends not only on what we do but also how we do it.

Woodside's success depends not only on what we do but also how we do it.

Woodside has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption, in any form, in connection with our business in Australia and overseas. Bribery and corruption undermine fair competition, erode public trust in governments and business and disadvantage economies. They present a threat to commercial organisations and communities worldwide. We assess fraud and corruption risk across all our activities and locations. To determine risk level the criteria used include country of operation, activities undertaken, the level and nature of engagement with government, history of enforcement and susceptibility to fraud and corruption.

Transparency in operation

Woodside recognises the importance of stability, sustainability and competitiveness in tax and fiscal regimes. Paying the taxes due under the law is one of the ways we support our social licence to operate.

2019 Australian Tax Contribution (A$)

Sustainability data hub

Woodside has an active role to play in contributing to the well-being of our communities and creating a more sustainable future.

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