In late 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) came into effect. The 17 SDGs aim to tackle some of the world’s most pressing economic, environmental and social issues.

We have identified five key SDGs for specific focus, in order to maximise our contribution.

Explore how Woodside is contributing to the SDGs

Woodside Energy Limited and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goals

Partnerships for the Goals

We recognise that partnerships are essential to delivering meaningful contributions, given the global nature of the SDGs. We collaborate with a variety of partners to improve community and environmental outcomes and solve real-world problems. We seek to partner with organisations that have similar values and are committed to real outcomes.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Access to reliable, sustainable, and affordable sources of energy provides the foundation for economic growth and reduced poverty. We are well-positioned to play a role in a lower-carbon energy future. LNG can displace higher emissions energy sources in transport and power generation and provide firming capacity to help resolve intermittency issues with renewable energy sources. LNG can also be converted to hydrogen, which produces zero emissions at the point of use.
We are working with other industries to developing new opportunities for LNG to displace higher-emission fuels.
We are also working to reduce our emissions by 5% on 2015 levels by 2020, and are developing new opportunities for LNG to displace higher-emission fuels, including in trucks, trains and ships.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We believe that technology and innovation are essential to unlocking new energy markets and ensuring long-term sustainability. Collaborative programs, such as the Woodside FutureLab, run in parallel to our own work in robotics, cognitive computing, data analytics and incorporating renewable technologies into our operations. We also invest in local community infrastructure.

Climate Action

We recognise the scientific consensus on climate change and the challenge of providing safe, clean, affordable and reliable energy while reducing emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. We continue to evaluate the potential impacts of climate change on our operations and the environments in which we operate.

Life Below Water

With operations offshore, we understand the imperative to minimise our impacts on ocean environments. Our approach to understanding the diverse environments in which we operate is supported by partnerships with research organisations that deliver robust scientific data and build environmental knowledge.

The SDGs set out what we focus on. Our sustainability principles guide how we work:

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Operating with Transparency and Integrity
We have policies and programs that address bribery and corruption, regulatory compliance, human rights risks and transparent payments to government.
Fostering our Organisation and Culture
We focus on having a values-led, high-performance culture, where we promote inclusion and diversity. We invest in training, education and technical programs.
Building a Resilient Business
We provide access to reliable and clean energy. Through innovation and applied technology, we are unlocking new opportunities, such as LNG as an alternative heavy transport and marine fuel.
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Operating Responsibly
We ensure our operations are safe and sustainable by improving our energy efficiency, sustainable consumption and production, oil spill prevention, preparedness and response, and engagement with our communities. We maintain extensive marine environment research partnerships.
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Creating Shared Value
Meaningful stakeholder relationships are key to developing programs that address social and environmental needs, and create shared value for us, and our stakeholders. Our social licence to operate is supported through our community social investment programs, local content and Indigenous community engagements.