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Woodside Development Fund

One global vision: every child thrives in their development, learning and life.
A good beginning to life is the foundation for future development, health and wellbeing.

The Woodside Development Fund has committed A$20 million over 10 years in support of programs and organisations working to decrease developmental vulnerability and improve outcomes for children aged birth to eight years. In doing so, we're helping to provide a better start to the lives of children, and nurturing the connections between families and the communities in which they live.


The Fundamentals

  • Work collaboratively with other leaders in the early childhood sector to reduce development vulnerability and improve outcomes for early childhood.
  • Focus on projects that contribute to the education, health and well-being of children aged birth to eight years.
  • Commitment to collaborating with other leaders in the early childhood sector.
  • Outcomes and key performance indicators are long-term and measurable.

Through the Woodside Development Fund, we aim to be an energiser, advocate and collaborator.
A$20 million
commitment over ten years
1,600 families
supported with their children's early learning needs
233 educators
have had capability training in the Perth metropolitan area.
initiatives funded since inception

We believe the future of communities is worth investing in.

Developing the potential of children creates benefits for communities today and in the future. By focusing on the early years we believe we can have a positive collective impact on improving health, productivity and participation outcomes in communities. The Woodside Development Fund builds alliances that bring together resources and expertise to drive social change. No single individual, program, organisation, institution, company or government can bring about large-scale social improvement alone – we need to work together.

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