Social contribution

By supporting those who support others we’re building stronger communities.
Part of the community

Supporting those who support others

We recognise the importance of our role in delivering mutual and sustainable social outcomes in the communities we are part of. We've built genuine, long term relationships with our stakeholders and host communities over more than 60 years.

Social Outcomes

We aim to enhance the capacity and capability of the communities in which we operate

  • Improve knowledge

    Through our partners, we are raising awareness and understanding of the environment, climate change, energy and cultural heritage

  • Create opportunities

    Our partnerships help to create quality education and lifelong learning opportunities, support community employment and drive economic diversification

  • Build resilience

    We collaborate with our partners to support safe, vibrant and sustainable communities

Improve knowledge

Environment and cultural heritage

We collaborate with leading experts and agencies to better understand and manage the diverse environments in which we work. Our partnerships with local Indigenous organisations help us to build and share knowledge on unique heritage and cultural values.
Climate change and energy

Woodside accepts the scientific consensus on climate change, and we’re committed to playing our part in reducing emissions. Growth in our climate change and energy partnerships will align with our commitment to a lower-carbon future.

Create opportunities

Early childhood development and education

Developing the potential of children creates benefits for communities today and in the future. We partner with non-profit organisations, businesses, schools, academic institutions and government to support education, from a child's early years through to employment.
Employment and economic participation

We support partnerships that help build capacity, capability and economic resilience in our local communities. These partnerships work with small businesses, governments and other industry to support economic diversification and sustainable communities.

Build resilience


Our support for wellbeing through partnerships, donations and fundraising campaigns reaches those impacted by health and social challenges in communities.
Community identity

We support a number of local arts, culture and community infrastructure programs to grow more healthy, vibrant and inclusive communities, and provide opportunities for those involved to learn, grow and inspire others.
Our contribution

A$23.5 million in 2020

Total social contribution spend through strategic partnerships, the Woodside Development Fund, value of staff time spent volunteering and our COVID-19 Community Fund.

  • $15.4 M

    Strategic partnerships

  • $1.2 M

    Woodside Development Fund

  • $5.7 M


  • $1.1 M