Part of the community

Woodside plays an active role in contributing to the wellbeing and sustainability of the communities we are part of.

While we’re in the business of providing global energy, we recognise the importance of our role in delivering mutual and sustainable social outcomes in the areas where we operate.

We've built genuine and long-term relationships with our stakeholders and host communities over more than 60 years. This is represented in our core value of working sustainably – we are here for the long-term. We look out for each other, our communities and the environment.

Impact on communities

We aim to build the capacity and capability of the communities where we work. The growth of our Indigenous workforce is due to the success of our pathway programs, external recruitment drive, graduate intake and continued engagement.

Indigenous workforce representation

Sustainability data hub

Woodside has an active role to play in contributing to the well-being of our communities and creating a more sustainable future.

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