Creating sustainable opportunities in a global, large-scale industry like oil and gas is not just about buying local.

It's also about investing in the surrounding community and supporting them to meet their aspirations - including aspirations to supply us with the skills, goods and services we need.

Delivering long-term outcomes requires a long-term approach, starting with our support for early childhood and education, right through to pre-employment pathways and local business capability programs. 

We work with like-minded suppliers to identify opportunities, make commitments and hold ourselves accountable. We're proud of our commitment and our results, and we take our integrated approach with us, wherever we operate.

"For us, we're all about engaging Aboriginal people"
Jane Tittums
Managing Director, NAANDA Australia

Woodside is achieving meaningful outcomes for reconciliation in Australia by providing opportunities for Indigenous businesses.


Australian Industry Participation Plans (AIPPs)

Woodside is committed to providing full, fair and reasonable opportunity for local Australian industry to contribute to our activities. Over 80% of our spend is with Australian businesses. We use AIPPs to maximise local industry participation where it is capable and competitive on the basis of health, safety and environment, quality, cost and delivery.

Read Summaries of our AIPPs
We have a strong record of working with the Western Australian and Australian governments, local communities and other relevant stakeholders to realise opportunities from our activities.