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Contractor Verification Service (CVS)

Our Contractor Verification Service (CVS) is integral to keeping our people safe. CVS provides assurance to Woodside that the contractors we engage are appropriately qualified for the scope of work they will be performing on our operating facilities. Verification also allows us to meet our commitment to regulators.

Examples of required qualifications include:

  • AMSA Certificate of Medical Fitness and Fitness for Work (FFW) Medicals
  • Certificates required for certain classifications by law or regulation
  • Certificates for completion of Basic Offshore Survival & Emergency Training with an OPITO-certified issuing body
  • Maritime Security Identification Cards
  • High Risk Work Licences

CVS registration is mandatory for gaining facility access. Contractors should register in CVS for the position that best fits the scope of work they will be performing. All qualifications and certifications relevant to the planned scope of work must be uploaded.

Please read our CVS Information Sheet for more details.

All enquiries on the registration process should be directed to Bright People Technologies, who own and operate the Enable validation software.

Woodside CVS support can provide advice on role and qualification requirements. 

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Bright People Technologies

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Woodside CVS support

Woodside Mutual Hold Harmless (MHH) Deed

The MHH Deed creates a cross-venture indemnity regime between companies who are Signatories to the Deed. MHH arrangements are common in the oil and gas industry.

Please note our current address can be found on the Contact page.


MHH Deed Administrator
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Australian Supplier Payment Code
We know prompt, reliable payment helps small businesses to remain viable, and even expand. That's why we've signed up to the Australian Supplier Payment Code - a voluntary, industry-led initiative to pay eligible Australian Small Business Suppliers within 30 days.

Accessing 30-day payment terms

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