Graduates and students 07 Jul 2021

Meet a Graduate Contracting and Procurement Adviser

Meet Chloe, a Graduate Contracting & Procurement Adviser at Woodside.

A career at Woodside can take you in many different directions. We asked some of our graduates to share their story.

About Chloe

Role: Graduate Contracting & Procurement Adviser

University: University of Western Australia and Curtin University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws

What I do

As a contracting and procurement graduate at Woodside, I participate in a range of pre-award and post-award contract management activities. This includes liaising with internal and external stakeholders, issuing and evaluating tenders, managing contractor performance, and making sure that we get the best value.

My day usually consists of meetings , drafting documents, approving high-value transactions, liaising with our contractor personnel and my favourite thing to do – negotiations! 

What I enjoy most about my job

The coolest thing about my job is being involved in high-stakes contract negotiations. I don’t think many people say this, but I thoroughly enjoy negotiating contractual terms and pricing with contractors. I love trying to get the best outcome for our business.

I also enjoy engaging with stakeholders within the business. You can learn so much because everyone has different specialities. You can always book a coffee or meeting with someone (even senior managers and vice presidents) and everyone is so willing to share information.

My top three tips

If I had to impart three pieces of advice to students , it would be:

  1. You, you, you! – Focus on your mental and physical health and set goals based on what you want to achieve, not what you see your peers doing. You have life’s marathon ahead of you!

  2. Keep an open mind – Think outside the box on the types of roles you could apply to and appreciate every opportunity that is given to you. Sometimes doors open and close for a reason.

  3. Travel the world – Savour your holidays and take the time to travel around the world (if you can). It is such an eye-opening experience to see how people live differently around the world and it makes you humbled with what you have.

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