Future Energy 15 Nov 2018

Gas and solar: partners in power

Bringing energy sources together in the North West for flexible power generation.

Sunlight is plentiful on the Burrup Peninsula, where Woodside’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities are located, making the region a good place to showcase the combination of gas-fired power and renewables.

Together these energy sources can provide flexible, dispatchable power generation, supporting the transition to a lower carbon future whilst reducing costs and maintaining reliability.

Woodside is maturing a concept to integrate industrial-scale solar energy with gas-fired generation for its Burrup Hub LNG operations. At the moment, the fuel used to run the Karratha Gas Plant accounts for around 70% of the facility’s emissions. Around 7% of the plant’s production is used to generate power and run the compressors, so displacing some of this with renewable sources can increase the volume of LNG that is available to be sold, yielding both environmental and commercial benefits.