Local Content Commitment

Woodside defines local content as the economic contribution made to the local communities and countries in which we operate through Woodside and our supply chain partners’ investments in local goods and services, employment and training, social and community development initiatives and local industry capability development programs.

Local Content - delivering lasting benefits to our local communities

Woodside is committed to delivering long term economic and social benefits for communities in which we operate.
We seek to work with organisations and businesses that demonstrate clear, long-term plans delivering financial and operational sustainability.
Embedding processes to drive local industry participation, workforce development and social investment into our everyday activities allows us to deliver commercial benefits for our business while supporting and developing our local communities and countries.
We work with governments and stakeholders in host locations to tailor our activities to respond to the unique requirements of our communities.

Build sustainable, competitive suppliers

Woodside seeks to develop and enable local business participation in the communities in which we operate. We work with our supply chain partners to deliver sustainable economic benefits through local employment and supply chain opportunities.
We have operated in Australia for nearly thirty years and annually spend approximately 80 cents in every dollar of our operating budgets with Australian businesses.

Develop local talent

Woodside recognises that creating superior shareholder returns depends on our ability to attract and retain an engaged, highly skilled and highly motivated workforce.
We are committed to ‘growing our own’ local talent to support our business and have a track record of employing and training local people.
We develop new people with capabilities to support growth, equip our workforce to deliver excellence in production environments and operate an integrated framework of learning processes, systems and materials across locations.

Deliver lasting social benefits

We seek social investment initiatives that have creative and innovative ways to connect, engage and build relationships between the community and Woodside.
We place a strong emphasis on supporting initiatives which help local organisations develop skills and resources and support them to deliver services that contribute to the health and wellbeing of communities.
We support initiatives that help provide local solutions to local challenges and opportunities. This includes involving participants and organisations from the local community to deliver the initiatives.