Contractor Verification Service (CVS)

Woodside’s Contractor Verification Service (CVS) ensures the verification of skills and qualifications of all contractors requesting access to perform work on Woodside production facilities.

From November 2015 Woodside will enforce CVS compliance. Site access for contractors not registered in CVS will not be permitted until registration is complete and all relevant qualifications assigned to the Role have been verified by CVS - having a Meets status.


The CVS ensures certification data for all contractors is captured in one place and that this information facilitates the access to operational sites quickly and efficiently.The CVS:

  • Provides the ability to record mandatory certificates (for example, training records, licenses, medical assessments and inductions) required for personnel to carry out the work on Woodside facilities;

  • Allows contract companies to manage their own certification related data;

  • Provides a verification service to ensure the data quality required for Woodside to meet its regulatory obligations;

  • Supports mobilisation of personnel to Woodside facilities following authorisation by a Woodside Site Access Approver, ensuring that mandatory certificates for specific roles and facilities are current;

  • Supports issuing of reminders and escalations in the event of certificate expiry while facility authorisations are active; and

  • Replicates a subset of data to Woodside corporate systems managing employee training records and logistics for offshore deployments.

CVS is hosted and operated by Bright People Technologies Pty Ltd, which also owns and operates the software that provides the service.