Please note: Site access will only be granted to contractors who are registered appropriately in CVS.

CVS is hosted and operated by Bright People Technologies Pty Ltd, which also owns and operates the software, Enable, that provides the service.

How to register:

  1. Please contact Bright People Technologies on +61 8 9226 2828 or email  to register your company in CVS (if not already registered).
  2. Contact Bright People Technologies to organise training for relevant staff within your organisation. This training is for users within your organisation, to show them how to use the Enable system. This training is conducted online in a live tutorial environment.
  3. Register your employees/contractors (performing work for Woodside) in CVS.
  4. Complete the medical declaration form for each staff member being registered.
  5. Submit a Request for Verification (RFV) via Enable to verify each contractor for their specific role.

    Find the appropriate CVS position name for your contractors in this table.

Need help?

Please direct any queries regarding CVS registration to Bright People Technologies on +61 8 9226 2828 or email