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STEM - banner.jpgAs Australia's largest independent oil and gas company, we are passionate about supporting innovation and technology in Australia. We believe careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are essential to our industry's future and can lead to a rewarding career.

In fact, there's a huge range of STEM careers that include everything from the designer's desk, robotics and coding, through to domestic, commercial, industrial and virtual end-users. The possibilities are endless.

With a career in STEM you could be predicting outcomes, solving industry problems and exploring new technologies that may address some of today's challenges, while improving people's lives.

STEM in Schools Program



Woodside aims to help improve the quality and diversity of talent entering the STEM pipeline.

Today, Woodside volunteers are helping inspire thousands of primary and secondary school students across Western Australia to see the relevance of STEM for today and tomorrow.

Woodside's STEM in Schools program is run by Woodside volunteers in collaboration with our community partner, Earth Science Western Australia. Since it began in 2016, Woodside volunteers have reached over 10,000 West Australian students in classrooms, STEM clubs and even at Scout Groups. 

We run two programs tailored at primary and high school children.

Primary School Program

Woodside volunteers are trained and equipped to take a class of primary school students through an activity we call "Reservoir Sandwiches".

It involves making an oil and gas reservoir out of bread, jam, butter, marmite, M&M's and sprinkles , performing seismic surveys, drilling exploration wells and assessing the results.

High School Program

Woodside volunteers are trained in and equipped with Virtual Reality headsets to facilitate a class discussion about the wide range of careers that leverage off STEM subjects.

The 360° virtual reality footage lets students feel like they are actually on the North Rankin Complex – Australia's largest offshore gas processing facility. Volunteers also share insights about their own role and career journey.

Want your school to get involved?

To register a school for our STEM in Schools Program please click here and follow the prompts. 

Science and Technology Collaboration: Community Education and Outreach


Our multi-faceted approach has built a STEM collaboration with our community and stakeholders.

Woodside has long-term strategic partnerships around new and emergent forms of STEM education to ensure our social contribution program remains contemporary and relevant.




Resources for Students and Teachers

  • Woodside Australian Science Project

    The Woodside Australian Science Project (WASP) produces support packages for the Earth Science  component of the Australian Curriculum. These packages are filled with hands-on activities for students, with teacher support materials. Teacher professional development sessions can be requested by Western Australian teachers.

  • Western Australian Museum - Beneath the Waves

    An interactive documentary exploring one of Australia's most unique, spectacular and mysterious marine environments: the Kimberley. The documentary is based on research collected over 20 years of as part of the Woodside Marine Biodiversity Fund.

  • VIDEO: North Rankin Complex Virtual Reality
    Take a virtual tour of the North Rankin Complex







  • VIDEO: This is what we do

    Meet some of the Woodside people who have pursued STEM as their career and learn how they are working together to achieve great results.


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