Data Science

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​Using data science to unlock our collective intelligence, both past and present.

At its broadest, data science is the art of extracting knowledge from data. Data science involves a range of disciplines including statistics, computer science, the physical sciences and engineering.

In 2015, we established a dedicated team to pursue opportunities in the emerging data science field. Focusing on high value projects, we will leverage our extensive experience and data in LNG and offshore operations.

Recent developments in data science have greatly increased our ability to analyse new types of data including written text, images and video footage. Advanced analytics and machine learning tools allow us to better predict future events and design algorithms whose performance improves over time.

We are pioneering the application of advanced analytics and cognitive computing in our operations to leverage our collective knowledge and to support operational excellence.

The advanced analytics program is built around a range of statistical tools, updated with live streaming data from our onshore LNG and offshore assets. These tools aid decision making in our engineering and operations teams across a wide range of initiatives including surveillance, optimisation, planning, process control and maintenance.

In 2016, we built a Maximum Possible Production (MPP) tool for our Pluto LNG train that provides insights on live production performance compared to the best historical performance of the plant in similar conditions.

This tool helps our engineers and operators track and interpret current performance against previous best practice and is now also being trialled for our NWS LNG trains.

During 2016, we continued to roll out IBM’s Watson cognitive computing system across our entire organisation, with 12 separate deployments during the year. We also developed a prototype of our 'Willow' cognitive adviser tool, which can interrogate all of the separate Watson systems as well as other corporate knowledge and reporting systems. These tools are augmenting the intelligence of our employees by putting all of Woodside’s collective knowledge of operating experience at their fingertips, enabling faster, data-driven decision making.


IBM Watson

We have deployed IBM's Watson data science systems into various technical and commercial areas of our business.

Watch the video below to see how we're using cognitive thinking to augment thousands of years of collective knowledge with IBM Watson.


Fiona Wood Foundation Data Hack

In December 2015, Woodside teams participated in a DataHack, collaborating with the Fiona Wood Foundation to analyse over a decade’s worth of burns patient data.

The 12-hour event provided an opportunity to build our growing capability in data science while making a sustainable, positive contribution to health research and outcomes in Western Australia.

Woodside’s relationship with Professor Fiona Wood spans more than 20 years, currently supporting the Scarless Healing Appeal through the Centre of Excellence in Burns Research.

Watch the video below to see how we can analyse data to find actionable insights.