page_header_volunteering.jpgThe skills and knowledge housed within a company have great potential to be shared throughout the community.

In 2005 we became one of the first companies in Australia to formally introduce paid volunteering leave.

Our focus on volunteering extends to community partnerships, through the support of organisations that value the broad social impact of volunteering and facilitate innovative opportunities for those seeking to give their time and energy.  Key supporting organisations include Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) and Volunteering WA.



Our people volunteer through team-based activities in the community and through skilled volunteering initiatives within not-for-profit organisations.  Volunteers also participate in community events and through workplace giving.

  • Corporate volunteering – team-based: Employees are provided with 12 hours of paid leave per annum to take part in activities such as environmental care and monitoring, and renovation of community facilities.

  • Corporate volunteering - skilled:  Employee expertise is matched to not-for-profit organisations needing specific skills and experience. Employees then donate their time and expertise on specific projects.

  • Workplace giving:  Employees contribute financially to not-for-profit organisations or causes through payroll deductions. 

  • Community participation:  Employees participate in events such as fun runs and bike rides, many of which raise funds for community endeavours (read more about Team Woodside in the Ride to Conquer Cancer here on Canvas). Woodside supports HBF Run for a Reason, Ride to Conquer Cancer, WA Ride to Work Day and the Australian Red Cross RED25 program.

Find out more about our work with Volunteering Australia on Canvas.

Volunteering contribution

Woodside monitors and evaluates the value of volunteering by our people. We collect and report data on the following:

  • Number of team days and staff participating;

  • Volunteered staff hours;

  • Financial value of volunteered work;

  • Project data (e.g. number of trees planted or areas planted); and

  • Qualitative and anecdotal data from employee volunteers.

Video: Woodside Corporate Volunteering



Woodside actively advocates for improved benchmarking and reporting of corporate volunteering rates and outcomes in Australia and New Zealand through the London Benchmarking Group.

Corporate Volunteer Council of WA

Woodside is committed to advocating the value of workplace volunteering. As a founding member of the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC), Woodside contributes towards fostering best practice in Corporate Volunteering Programs to deliver an even greater impact to community.

The CVC is a coalition of businesses, organisations and associations with one fundamental objective: "With best practice in mind, every business in Western Australia will involve their employees in volunteering activities".

The CVC has four key areas of focus:

  • Raise the profile of corporate social responsibility across the state;
  • Develop an annual program of networking events, expert speakers and joint projects to cultivate the corporate sector's desire to give back to the community;
  • Bring together like-minded people who have an appreciation of volunteerism to encourage peer collaboration systems; and
  • Highlight best practice and benchmarking in corporate volunteering to promote which businesses are doing it best.

Visit Canvas to find out how you can get involved in corporate volunteering.