Stronger Communities


At Woodside, our social licence to operate is as important as driving shareholder value and delivering safe and reliable production.

While we're in the business of providing global energy, we recognise the importance of our role in delivering mutual and sustainable social outcomes in the areas in which we operate.

We've built genuine and long term relationships with our stakeholders and host communities over more than 60 years. This is represented in our core value of working sustainably – we are here for the long-term. We look out for each other, our communities and the environment. As our business expands internationally, building relationships and supporting outcomes that have a positive impact in communities where we are active become even more important.



In recognition of this, we have aligned our social contribution priorities to support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals by focusing on three key themes: opportunities, knowledge and resilience.

We aim to build the capacity and capability of the communities in which we operate. By understanding our stakeholders and their strengths, we can empower and assist these communities to create long-lasting opportunities.

Our long term commitments are integral to creating shared value, whether it's paving the way as a pioneer in volunteering; providing opportunities to create a sustainable future for our children; working closely with Indigenous communities; or collaborating with schools and industry to develop smarter technology.

By supporting those who support others, we're building stronger communities.

Video: Building Stronger Communities