Our Contribution

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ We build and maintain genuine long-term relationships, and implement programs that create capacity and capability in our host communities.

To support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, we have aligned our social contribution by focusing on three themes: opportunities, knowledge and resilience.

We believe there is shared value for our business and our communities by co-creating opportunities in education, employment and enterprise.

To do this, we take the time to improve our knowledge of what’s needed, to understand the environments we work in, to minimise our impacts and to maximise the opportunities to work with and support both community and government.
This approach helps to build resilience in our host communities so they can take advantage of the opportunities we create.

We understand that providing financial support is just one way we support our communities. By building shared value with community, government and industry, and through our pioneering employee volunteering and participation programs, we’re helping to build stronger communities.

For more information on the organisations that Woodside supports, visit http://canvas.woodside.com.au/who-we-support .

How we contribute

As our business expands into new markets, so too does the number of important relationships we hold with host governments and communities.

Consistent with our phased life-cycle approach to social contribution, we seek to support host communities as early as the acquire and exploration phase of project development, and this continues right through our business value chain where long-term partnerships are formed.

By engaging collaboratively with stakeholders and understanding social context, we are able to determine stakeholder needs and expectations, the potential impacts our activities may have on communities and the best way we can invest to create sustainable mutual benefit.

We provide support to our host communities and partner organisations through three funding mechanisms to cater for differing community needs: philanthropy, strategic shared value partnerships and driving collective impact.