Consultation Activities

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We look after each other, our communities and the environment. We actively seek to build relationships with stakeholders who are interested in and affected by our activities. We understand that the way we engage is fundamental to building trust and understanding.

Our engagement processes encourage open and transparent communication and feedback.

We promote and encourage stakeholder input and feedback on our activities. We complete stakeholder assessments to identify potentially affected stakeholders based on the location, timing and potential impacts and opportunities of our proposed activities.

Our External Stakeholder Engagement Operating Standard mandates the minimum requirements for engaging with our stakeholders. Our guidelines enable us to effectively assess the potential effects and benefits of our current and future activities and how best to engage with affected stakeholders.

International Consultation Activities​​

 2016 Consultation Activities

 2015 Consultation Activities

Australian Consultation Activities

Woodside regularly seeks stakeholder feedback. Consultation fact sheets have been prepared to support government approvals of our offshore activities. If you would like to comment on a proposed activity, please refer to the relevant consultation fact sheet listed below.
Consultation for other activities can be found at:



Archived Consultation Activities