Security & Emergency Management


Woodside’s corporate security, emergency, crisis, hydrocarbon spill and business continuity efforts are focused on building and maintaining organisational resilience to effectively manage and recover from foreseen and unforeseen events.  The risk approach covers ‘all-hazards’ and is integrated throughout the business activities domestically and internationally.

As the company footprint expands, so too does the need to ensure our people, assets, information, reputation and livelihood are protected across the globe.  

24/7 coverage

Woodside maintains an emergency communications centre located in Perth that provides a dedicated 24/7 global monitoring, travel tracking, coordination and emergency communications support service to all Woodside personnel and activities. 

Our prevention, preparedness, response and recovery (PPRR) arrangements are aligned to both Australian and international standards. 

Preparedness of our emergency and crisis management teams is vital to mitigate a range of incidents that may require coordination across multiple locations involving a variety of stakeholders and response agencies. In support of this, Woodside conducts regular companywide crisis exercises and training.


Adopting the right security culture involves a risk-based approach to the application of security controls to uphold the highest possible levels of integrity. Our primary objective is always to ensure the safety and security of people, information and assets and we continue to embrace new capabilities and technology platforms to enable our delivery of the highest quality security systems in all environments.

Woodside is committed to managing security in a way that respects human rights and is actively progressing the development of its Security and Human Rights Management Framework. We are also a member of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and remain engaged in global security affairs through engagement and advocacy. See also:

Hydrocarbon Spill Preparedness

As part of an ‘all-hazards’ approach, hydrocarbon spill preparedness forms part of the Woodside PPRR framework.  The following fact sheet provides further details of the Woodside approach to preparation and mitigation.