Major Incident Prevention

​​​​​​​​​​The oil and gas industry inherently works with flammable hydrocarbons at high pressure. The potential impacts of a loss of containment has serious consequences for people, communities, assets and the environment.

With more than 30 years of operating experience, Woodside has assets at varying life cycle stages. We fully appreciate that failure to manage ageing assets, maintain integrity or uphold maintenance schedules can lead to a loss of integrity of structures, equipment, wells or piping, causing loss of containment.​

Our approach

Woodside continues to support and make significant investment to understand and act to control our process safety risks.

In 2016, the Process Safety Management initiative (PSMi) implemented a framework to ensure that all of our assets and business functions have a standardised approach to mangling process safety that is globally applicable.

PSMi was recognised by the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) as a Global Process Safety Awards finalist.


Our performance

Woodside categorises and reports Process Safety Events (PSE) against the American Petroleum Institute's Recommended Practise 754.

There was one Tier 1 and one Tier 2 Loss of Primary Containment (LoPC) PSEs recorded in 2016. There were no well- or drilling-related PSEs in 2016.​

The Tier 1 PSE involved the release of stabilised condensate which was contained within the storage tank bund and was internally classified as low risk.




Find out more information on our 2016 activities and 2017 focus areas​. 

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