Supply Chain

​​​​​​​​Improving the sustainability of our supply chains is a strategic imperative of Woodside’s approach to contracting and procurement.

We recognise that improvements in environmental, social and governance performance within supply chains can result in significant cost savings, improved compliance and productivity.

We also acknowledge the importance of providing sustainable economic benefits through local employment and supply-chain opportunities, which has a positive impact on communities in which we conduct business.  Our supply chain incorporates procurement and logistics management across our value chain.  In 2016, Woodside engaged a total of 2088 suppliers and spent approximately $3.5 billion across a range of locations.  

We expect high standards of ethical conduct within our organisation and from our suppliers.  We have a Supplier Code of Business that describes how we seek to do business with our suppliers and how we set expectations to ensure they are consistent with our values.

Read more​ about how we are improving the sustainability of our supply chains.


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