Gas in the Emerging Energy Mix

​​​​​​​As variable renewable energy generation increases, such as wind and solar, grids will require other power sources to ensure reliable power and balance the intermittency of renewable energy sources.​

Gas is well placed to provide this role, It is reliable, mature, fast acting, modular, available at scale today and is the cleanest fossil fuel.

Climate scenarios

Many organisations prepare scenarios exploring different ways that greenhouse gas emissions can be allocated between different sources such as energy, industrial processes and agriculture.  Woodside tests its baseline outlook against other greenhouse gas emission reduction pathways such as the IEA's 450 scenario, the most prominent low-carbon scenario.


The alignment of clean energy and climate change priorities

According to the international Energy Agency, poor air quality causes 6.5 million premature deaths per year, largely due to emissions from the energy sector. Gas is a particularly clean fuel, emitting about half of the emissions of coal-generated power, low levels of nitrous oxides (NOx) or sulphur dioxide (SO2).  Increased use of gas-fired power therefore presents an opportunity for those countries with severe air-pollution problems and growing energy systems, notably China and India.​​​

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