Applying Technology and Innovation

We believe that technology and innovation are essential to unlocking new energy markets, reducing operating costs, managing cyber security risks and ensuring our long-term sustainability. Woodside’s technology strategy is focused on driving innovation across our value chain.

Woodside is focused on bringing new solutions to complex challenges in oil and gas by innovating faster and with greater effect than our competitors.  We are investing in, developing and improving technology throughout the exploration and production lifecycle.

Innovations across our value chain have allowed us to tap into new energy markets, reduce costs across our business and maintain operational excellence – all of which will help secure long-term sustainable growth.

​​​Find out more about how we are collaborating with partners to capitalise on opportunities in technology and innovation.

Recent developments in data science have greatly increased our ability to analyse new types of data including written text, images and video footage. Advanced analytics and machine learning tools allow us to better predict future events and design algorithms whose performance improves over time.

The field of data science is essential as we work to harness Woodside's collective intelligence, both past and present. To achieve this, we are integrating data science as a normal part of our business activities, enabling our people to streamline their activities and decision making.



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