Health and Safety


We focus on health and safety because we believe that everyone has a right to go home in the same condition as they started the day.
Our aspiration is ‘no-one gets hurt, no incidents’.

Our goal is to deliver health and safety performance that meets global top quartile as measured against our peers in the International Oil and Gas Producers Association.

To achieve our goal, we expect all our employees and contractors to give paramount importance to their own health and safety, and that of others so to keep each other safe.

Woodside’s behaviour framework, ‘Our Safety Culture’, helps everyone, including our contractors, understand the role they play in strengthening Woodside’s safety culture.

Woodside’s strong focus on process safety ensures risks are managed at all our facilities. This involves making the safety of our people inherent in the design phase, through development and into the production life-cycle.

A healthy and productive workforce remains an important factor in Woodside’s continuing success as we aspire to lead the way with effective, informative and enjoyable health and well-being initiatives.

We see our health and safety performance as fundamental to our aspiration to be a global leader in oil and gas.

We are making solid progress towards delivering on our aspiration of global top-quartile health and safety performance by 2017.


Case Study - Stand Together for Safety (ST4S) 2014

Woodside held the 2014 Stand Together for Safety campaign through a week of activities around the theme 'When it comes to safety, we’re all connected – we all have a part to play in keeping each other safe.’

A key activity was the launch of the refreshed ‘Our Safety Culture’ framework that incorporates additional practical ways to embed it through our business. The framework describes the way we collectively think and behave in relation to health and safety. The framework has been part of how we work since 2006.