​Testing national tactical response

Woodside participated in exercise Westwind, a National Level 3 Oil Spill Exercise that tested the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies arrangements for the oil and gas industry.

Tactical deployment of personnel and equipment in aerial surveillance, aerial dispersant application, offshore, nearshore and shoreline response, and oiled wildlife response was deployed from the Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Exmouth. Woodside worked with the Exmouth community in preparation for the exercise Westwind.

Woodside's involvement in the exercise included provision of response participants both within the Incident Management Team and the FOB, and also use of the company's mobile communications system for communications in remote locations.

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​Reducing flaring

The Pluto LNG Plant located on the Burrup Peninsula comprises a single LNG processing train. Gas from the Pluto and Xena fields is piped onshore via the Pluto A platform, located 180 kilometres north-west of Karratha.

Flaring is essential to safe start-up of the Pluto LNG facility and is normal industry practice. Continuous improvements of the Pluto LNG start-up procedures have reduced flaring associated with facility restarts by as much as 85% since production started in 2012.

​Pluto has set a three-year flaring reduction target, aiming to continually improve flaring.

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Hearson's Cove Compound Project

Prior to construction of the Karratha Gas Plant in 1981, approximately 1,700 boulders with engraved Aboriginal rock art were recovered and placed in a nearby fenced holding yard, know as the Hearsons Cove Compound (the Compound). Over time, the level of discomfort and anxiety about the Compound within the Aboriginal community increased.

In 2010, Woodside, the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and senior Aboriginal law holders successfully worked together to find a permanent solution for the Compound, including the return of rock art to country and rehabilitation of the site.

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​People and Safety

​Emergency and crisis management capability

Woodside has a robust emergency and crisis management framework which is aligned to state and national response arrangements and includes an extensive training and exercise program.

The 24/7 Woodside Communications Centre (WCC) and various incident management teams successfully responded to 83 Level 1, ten Level 2 and three level 3 incidents in 2015.

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​Fiona Wood Foundation DataHack

Woodside, Accenture, IBM and Optika data scientists volunteered their experience and knowledge in data analytics to support the burns research of the Fiona Wood Foundation at our Data Hack event.

In this 12-hour event, data scientists analysed over a decade's worth of patient data and worked with the Foundation's researchers to develop actionable insights to be used to improve the lives of burn survivors.

Professor Fiona Wood and her team was on hand to guide participants in their analysis, and teams had the opportunity to further develop the insight with the Foundation after the DataHack.

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Graduate Action Learning Project

In October 2015, 48 graduates were posed a challenge and provided with two weeks to develop a plan to address it. The challenge formed part of an Action Learning Project, a new component of the Graduate Development Program designed to provide graduates with experience in resolving real business issues.

The challenge: identify the barriers (people, process, plant) to demanning Goodwyn A platform and propose ways to overcome them to add value to our business. With 30 years of operation and a long future to plan for, the NWS Project is currently examining how to maximise value through to its end-of-life.


​Myanmar Education Consortium

Woodside will contribute A$100,000 to the Myanmar Education Consortium (MEC) to establish a parent education program in Thabaung township, located in the Ayeyarwady region adjacent to Woodside's offshore exploration permits. This Early Childhood development project is the first international project to be supported by the Woodside Development Fund.

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​Corporate volunteering

Throughout 2015, Woodside employees volunteered over 6,400 hours through our corporate volunteering programs with Volunteering WA and Conservation Volunteers Australia.

To celebrate over 10 years of Volunteering Leave at Woodside, we launched an online portal to make it even easier for our employees to find volunteering opportunities.

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Timor-Leste Rotary Youth Leadership Award

The Sunrise Joint Venture and Rotary Australian World Community Service officially launched the Timor-Leste Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Internship Program (the Program) on 30 November 2015 in Dili, Timor-Leste. The Program commenced on 1 December 2015, and runs for approximately three months. 

Following a rigorous recruitment process, 21 RYLA alumni were successfully selected for the Program. The interns will work with ALOLA Foundation, HIAM Health and Empreza Diak.

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​Reducing economic services cost

Helicopter costs represent a significant proportion of operating expenditure for Woodside's Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels.

Woodside's aviation team approached another oil and gas company to develop a joint acquisition tender for the Exmouth region. Through this arrangement, an estimated $15 million in budget savings were achieved.

A successful model for implementation of future regional sharing agreements has been developed, including multiple ad-hoc partnering arrangements with other oil and gas companies.

Helicopter usage has improved, decreasing wasted capacity and facilitating the use of safer, new-generation helicopters at a shared lower cost than old-generational helicopters.

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Building outstanding relationships

Woodside's Operations Division hosted a supplier forum with 39 of our major suppliers to explore key topics including health and safety, technology and innovation, continuous improvement and sustainability. The forum identified economic performance, occupational health and safety, labour relations and management, and asset integrity/process safety as key sustainability issues. This event and our new SupplierConnect Newsletter is our way of improving and expanding connection with our suppliers.

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​Supply Nation

Woodside supports Supply Nation, an organisation that connects corporate Australia with Indigenous business owners. In recognition of Woodside's achievements from its second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Supply Nation named Woodside as a corporate member finalist in its 2015 awards.

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