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North West Shelf Project


Representing an investment of more than A$29.5 billion, the Woodside-operated North West Shelf (NWS) Project facilities constitute Australia’s largest oil and gas resource development and currently account for more than one third of Australia’s oil and gas production.

The NWS Project is a joint venture between six major international companies.  It is one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) producers, supplying oil and gas to Australian and international markets from huge offshore gas and condensate fields in the Carnarvon Basin off the north-west coast of Australia.

For 29 years, the NWS Project has been Western Australia’s largest producer of domestic gas, currently providing the majority of total State production.

With an international reputation for the safe and reliable delivery of LNG to customers in the Asia Pacific region and other parts of the world, the NWS Project has delivered almost 4000 LNG cargoes since 1989.

The NWS Project also produces liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), oil and condensate – a light crude oil – for international energy markets.

Through the NWS Project’s operations and development, thousands of jobs are created and about A$800 million annually is directly injected into Australian businesses.


Location: Karratha, 1200km, north of Perth, Western Australia
1984 - natural gas for West Australian market
1989 - LNG Train 1 (2.5 million tonnes a year)
1989 - LNG Train 2 (2.5 million tonnes a year)
1992 - LNG Train 3 (2.5 million tonnes a year)
2004 - LNG Train 4 (4.4 million tonnes a year)
2008 - LNG Train 5 (4.4 million tonnes a year)

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NWS Project Overview Brochure