Marketing, Trading & Shipping


Woodside is Australia's largest producer of LNG with more than 25 years' experience as an LNG producer and operator. The company is well positioned to meet expected future Asian energy demand.

In addition to LNG, Woodside markets crude oil, condensate, LPG and pipeline natural gas. We have been supplying pipeline gas to Western Australian utilities and buyers since 1984.

Woodside's marketing and shipping capabilities have long been central to our role as a leading supplier of energy to the Asia Pacific region. Our strong relationships with customers in major energy markets have been maintained through a track record of reliable delivery and expertise across contracting, marketing and trading.

Woodside's integrated business model encompasses offtake management and LNG shipping fleet operations to ensure reliable delivery of LNG and create value through portfolio optimisation.

In 2013, we established a dedicated office in Singapore to support our growing LNG marketing, trading and shipping capabilities.
We will continue to build a diverse supply portfolio, underpinned by reliable Australian LNG and supplemented by future US-sourced volumes to pursue additional long-term sales arrangements.

Woodside is seeking to develop new markets by promoting the use of LNG as a low-emissions and cost-effective alternative fuel for heavy transport and remote power generation. The company is also evaluating opportunities to be involved further along the value chain to create additional demand for our gas in the international market.