Australia & Asia-Pacific

We are maximising and extending our Australian core with regional growth potential.

We are focused on building prospect inventories from 3D seismic surveys in Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Myanmar. We are also testing proven and new plays through high impact drilling campaigns.

Our innovative application of new seismic imaging technologies supports our active regional studies, basin analysis and prospect maturation.


Exploration activities in Australia are focused on identifying prospects near existing infrastructure. 

We have equity in exploration permits offshore Western Australia in the Exmouth Plateau, Bonaparte Basin and the Beagle, Dampier and Exmouth Sub-Basins.

We are maintaining a program of exploration drilling in offshore Western Australia to build our gas volumes and maximise the value of our Australian assets.​

We continue interpretation of processed data from the Fortuna 3D marine seismic survey (4,050 km2) completed in January 2016, providing the foundation for future North West Shelf exploration and appraisal programs. Newly processed 3D seismic data is also available for interpretation and portfolio build in several other permits.


T​otal acreage: 46,975km2 - Rakhine Basin

Block TOTAL WoodsideSHELL MPEP MPRL Daewoo
​A-6​40%40%​ (operator)​--​20%​-​
​AD-7​40%​-​-​-​60% (operator)
45% (operator)45%10%--
AD-555% (operator)45%---
A-445%45% (operator)10%--
AD-245%55% (operator)---

New Zealand

Total acreage: 12,253km2

Permit Basin Woodside NZOG
55793Taranaki Basin70% (operator)30%
55794Great South Basin70% (operator)30%