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Marine Environment Education Boosted

Western Australia’s first integrated online marine science curriculum is growing.
The second phase of the Department of Fisheries’ MarineWATERs project, funded with the help of Woodside, has kicked off. The Department’s Manager Community and Education Michael Burke said the initial project, launched last year, proved to be very popular.
The interactive online project connects educators and students, with the tools they need to study our State’s unique marine ecosystems and address challenges to the sustainability of WA’s aquatic resources.
“We are very pleased with phase two of the project, because it provides a range of new resources across all five modules from kindergarten through to year 10. These resources include 14 additional lesson plans, plus new PowerPoint presentations and two new supplementary packages through the ‘In Depth’ and ‘Case Study’ series” says Michael. 
The new ‘In Depth’ series supports teachers through additional content for lesson plans and brings together a range of facts, research and information for current and emerging issues.
“WA’s Leeuwin Current is the first ‘In Depth’ launched on MarineWATERs and focuses on how this vital ocean current is the driving force of the marine environment and has a significant impact on our State’s climate” says Michael.
The new ‘Case Study’ series looks at detailed and specific issues, usually fishery related. A recent coral monitoring project by students at Christmas Island District High School is the first ‘Case Study’ to go live.
Resources will continually be added to the MarineWATERs website and will include lesson plans, posters, ‘In Depths’, ‘Case Studies’ and fact sheets.
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