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Our Approach

Sustainability at Woodside is about being here for the long term. It’s about respecting the environment and communities we work in and keeping each other safe.

Sustainable development is core to Woodside’s business strategy. It involves balancing short and long-term interests and integrating health and safety, environmental, social and economic considerations into our decision-making.
Working Sustainably is now one of our six core values. The others are Integrity, Respect, Working Together, Discipline and Excellence.
Working Sustainability reflects our priority to keep each other safe, to look after each other, our communities and the environment.
Our approach to sustainability is incorporated in our policies and Code of Conduct. It is also integrated into the Woodside Management System. The Woodside Management System provides a structured governance framework across all Woodside sites and locations with defined accountabilities and performance requirements for Woodside's managers, employees and contractors.

2010 Sustainable Development Report
Social Investment Funding Applications