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Climate Change and Reducing Emissions


Natural gas has a key role to play in transitioning the world to a low emissions economy. It has the potential to displace higher emitting fossil fuels and support moves to renewable energy systems.

Australia is well-placed to supply natural gas to Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and other emerging markets. This is made possible by liquefying natural gas so its volume is reduced and the economics of shipping the product long distances is feasible.

Woodside has been producing and supplying natural gas for more than 20 years, as pipeline gas to local customers and as liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to global markets.

Recognising the strategic importance of natural gas as a fuel of choice, it is not surprising that Woodside is a key supplier of pipeline gas to Australian customers. Woodside’s ambition is to become a global leader in the supply of LNG to regional markets.

Incorporating sustainable practices and understanding and protecting the environment is a key business driver at Woodside. We seek to reduce our environmental footprint in line with our production while delivering value to our shareholders.

Woodside and its joint venture participants have committed approximately A$360 million in capital and operational expenditure since 1997. This expenditure is projected to reduce emissions by up to 50 million tonnes of greenhouse gases under business as usual over the lifetime of the projects.