Better connected

​​​​​​​​​​Better connected and better understanding. More reliable, more choices, and more mobile. These are the goals for the new information technology being installed at the new Woodside headquarters, Mia Yellagonga, and beyond.

“Connected technology will mean different ways of working,” says Deb Morrow, general manager global property and workplace. For example, secure rooms and printing will use biometric technology.

Virtual desktops will deliver the ability for all users to work anywhere at any time. Cisco Spark boards, which combine a presentation screen with a digital whiteboard and video conferencing capabilities, will allow teams outside the physical room to be connected through the desk or mobile device of their choice.

“Our aim is to create a dynamic and energised workplace that uses the right technology to seamlessly connect us to our global operations 24/7,” says Deb. That last point is critical. Deb says those based outside Perth – whether in regional Australia, offshore, or overseas – will have access to the same technology and ease of experience as those in Mia Yellagonga.

“We’re making sure we have all the backbone infrastructure we’ll need - we’re providing the brand new technologies, software and hardware so Woodsiders can connect much better and more easily,” she says.

Sara Braund, vice president WHQ technology, says the mantra adopted by those planning and installing the new IT is that it must work “first time, every time”. Sara says: “Reliability will be at a level that we’ve never had before. Both wired and wireless networks will be robust, fast and future proofed.

“And the video conferencing technology will be much easier to use. It will be one touch to join a meeting. “In the past we’ve had to rely on technicians coming in to set up video conference meetings; but the new technology we’re sourcing will be so easy to use that Woodsiders will be able to do that themselves.

” And it’s not new technology for the sake of new technology. The driver is to enable the company to be as productive as it can. “For example, digital whiteboards will allow people in a video conference to see what someone is drawing on the other side of the video call,” says Sara. “We’ll be able to mark things up in real time - better connectivity leads to better understanding and better working relationships.

And making better connections with people will mean less travel.” And because we’ll be better connected and more mobile, we’ll have more choices to keep informed and freer to make decisions on where we work. “The software to be used will be available on mobile phones, tablets, and the like,” Sara explains. “So in the past, where you might have had to go into the office to hold a meeting you’ll soon be able to do it from anywhere.”

It’s a bold new way of working and it’s coming soon to a workplace near you.

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