LNG vessel wins accolade

Woodsiders’ initiative and ingenuity was acknowledged by the company and their colleagues when their most outstanding achievements were recognised at the annual Woodside Awards.

The awards, held in early December, are now in their ninth year. But this time, they formed part of our inaugural Woodside Week, a series of activities and events that offered opportunities to share learnings and celebrate successes across the company.  While the award winners were applauded for their outstanding achievements, all 16 finalists in the four categories were praised for contributing towards Woodside’s progression to top quartile performance.  

“As we have come to expect from the talented teams at Woodside, the standard of the submissions has been excellent,” noted the chairman of the Woodside board, Michael Chaney.  He said all the teams were playing a big role in taking the company forward on its journey to become a global leader in upstream oil and gas.  Each winner of the four categories was granted $5000 to donate to a charity of their choosing.  The initiative that best demonstrated an outstanding achievement and exceptional contribution to the business won the Chairman’s Excellence Award, and $10,000 to donate.

Chairman’s Excellence Award

The winning initiative was entitled: First LNG-Powered Vessel in the Southern Hemisphere.  

“The initiative ticks all boxes of our Woodside values and goes far beyond a business-as-usual approach”, the chairman said.  “The winner stands out for the way in which its achievement aligns with all elements of the Woodside Compass – supporting our mission, vision and values to the fullest extent.”  In April 2016, Woodside signed a five-year charter contract, expected to begin in early 2017, for a vessel with dual fuel LNG/diesel vessel technology.  The chairman noted that the introduction of such technology will position Woodside as an early adopter of LNG as a marine fuel.  It will also provide the company with a number of opportunities: the adoption of new technology, building on our LNG capabilities, making the most of our producing assets and reducing unit costs.  On behalf of their team, Rob Duncanson, Nancy Nguyen, Martin Phillips, John McConnell and Nic Read accepted the award.  The team donated the $10,000 cheque to their nominated charity, the Cancer Council of WA.

Demonstrating Excellence

Winner: Light Well Intervention Game-changer

In 2016 Woodside delivered a lucrative step-change in the installation of subsea trees and well completions by leveraging light well intervention (LWI) capability. The incident-free implementation of this approach has prompted the adoption of this method for projects and other well-related activity.   The success of this new Woodside global standard increases operational flexibility, including faster mobilisation, the ability to perform in cyclone season and reduced turnaround requirements.  It also reduces drilling rig duration and schedule uncertainty and provides the potential to significantly improve project economics. 

Economic Value

Winner: Persephone Delivers $30 Million Savings

The idea to remove the Subsea Safety Isolation Valve (SSIV) from Persephone has produced great success, resulting in Persephone becoming the first Woodside project to deliver gas to a manned platform without an SSIV.   After detailed assessment of potential risks to people, the environment and assets, the Persephone team was able to demonstrate that it was safe to operate without an SSIV.  In 2016 the offshore regulator accepted the risk as “as low as reasonably practicable” (ALARP).   The decision has delivered reduced capital expenditure as well as ongoing inspection, testing and maintenance savings for the 15-year operating life of the Persephone project.

Innovation and Technology

Winner: Turnaround Transformation

In September 2015, the turnaround team performed sound execution of the North West Shelf LNG 5 Major Inspection. The practical application of innovation and technology to maintenance activities produced a successful and efficient turnaround.  The turnaround took 30% less time than the previous comparable turnaround, and the saving translated to an additional 1.6 MMboe produced over the period. In addition, overall turnaround was a day ahead of its stretch target and six days ahead of expected duration, producing an additional 0.8 MMboe production above budget.  By challenging accepted practices of planning, team design and execution of work in the field, the KGP team produced a major success.

Sustainable Outcomes 

Winner: Partnership to Support Environmental Knowledge Collection and Capacity Building in Myanmar

Consistent with our aspirations to be a global leader in upstream oil and gas, Woodside is building robust scientific knowledge to support business needs and in-country environmental management capacity in the countries where we are active.  This approach, combined with our desire to be a partner of choice, has driven Woodside’s collaboration with Fauna & Flora International and Pathein University in Myanmar to collect marine data in the Rakhine Basin.   As part of this program, Woodside is working with Pathein University to further environmental data collection techniques through a series of laboratory and field-based training workshops run by international experts for lecturers and students.  This work is enabling an improved understanding of local marine environments for Woodside and the local community.

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