Safety leadership shines


Woodside has won the 2017 Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) Safety Excellence Award.

This achievement was in recognition of our outstanding contribution to safety leadership and performance in the Australian oil and gas industry, and follows similar success in the same award category last year.

The company also won the Alan Prince Award for the best peer-reviewed paper for Australia’s first 4D seismic survey over a gas field in the Geophysical Innovation Session (see page 10).

The awards were announced at the annual APPEA conference in May. Fiona Hick, VP health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) says: “The award celebrates the contribution of everyone in Woodside. Our performance and a number of examples of our contribution were cited by APPEA.”

One example was Perfect HSE Day to promote care in health, safety and environment. “Launched in early 2017, Perfect HSE Day is a simple but powerful engagement tool empowering teams to identify their own leading indicators to proactively prevent HSE incidents and identify early warning signs,” says Deborah Peach, general manager HSEQ for Woodside’s operations.

“The introduction of the Perfect HSE Day is driving engagement and raising situational awareness. It has created a simple and consistent HSE language wherever we operate globally.”

Other 2017 highlights recognised by APPEA included our focus on collaboration with contractors and our line-led risk-based approach to process safety management.

“Maintaining a focus on visible leadership and embedding a strong safety culture across all areas of our business has helped us achieve year on year improvements” says Gavin Ramsden, who was a senior manager safety last year and is now an operations adviser.

In 2017, the company made many improvements to how we manage health and safety including the use of leading indicators to better monitor our health risks and controls, improvements to our incident investigation processes and the introduction of an integrated travel management system to better support and enable our global workforce.

Woodside’s use of data analytics was also celebrated with this award. Our increasing use of data to identify issues allows us to manage risks and resources more effectively and efficiently.

Re-invigorating the HSE Representative network was another example of how we are driving improved engagement, capability and integration across our production assets.

The award, however, does not just recognise improvement initiatives. It also recognises our challenges – that we operate a range of assets at varying life cycles, and undertake a wide spectrum of activities through all stages of the value chain. Most importantly, it celebrates our record-breaking year in personal and process safety performance.

“The real win is that our people go home healthy every day,” says Fiona Hick.

Gavin notes that last year, our performance in HSEQ was the best in the company’s history. “It is something to be proud of and reflects the importance of looking out for each other, working together and continually improving to ensure we keep each other safe,” he says.

Deborah points out: “The award recognises not only the HSEQ team but the frontline teams, the leaders, projects and HSE Representatives who lead by example and champion our HSEQ performance every day.”

Fiona notes: “While our performance in 2018 to date does not reflect where we want to be, we have the right people and right processes in place. We can use this to deliver outstanding performance again, year on year. “We can take pride in this achievement and use it to launch ourselves forward.”

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