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Woodside’s mission is to deliver superior shareholder returns. We believe we can achieve our mission by being a global leader in upstream oil and gas. In support, our strategy comprises of three main elements:

  • Maximising our core business
  • Leveraging our proven capabilities
  • Growing our portfolio through exploration

We seek to maximise the value of our world-class core business through optimising our producing assets and flawlessly executing brownfield growth projects related to the existing core business. We will pursue the commercialisation of our existing undeveloped resources such as Browse and Sunrise, and other resource owner gas supply as an enhancement to existing business.

Woodside will leverage its capabilities through the expansion of its technological capability to include a broader range of upstream development opportunities. We will look at discovered/undeveloped oil and gas opportunities and develop and connect gas/products with market opportunities through infrastructure. Taken together, we believe proactively leveraging and building on our existing capabilities will deliver a broader opportunity set for Woodside.

We will grow our exploration portfolio through global basin studies and pursuing opportunities that play to our strengths in geosciences. Woodside aims to deliver value through a balanced portfolio - balanced globally and balanced in terms of hydrocarbon type.

Woodside has a strong track record of successful partnerships with many of the world's major oil and gas companies. Just as we recognise our own capabilities, we acknowledge that well chosen partners, especially those with local knowledge as we look globally, can add value to the joint venture/partnership equation. 

Our mission
To deliver superior shareholder returns.
Our aim is to be a global leader in upstream oil and gas.
  • Integrity - We are open, honest and fair. We do what we say we will do. We have the courage to do the right thing. 
  • Respect - We give everyone a fair go. We listen.
  • Working Sustainably - We are here for the long term. We look after each other, our communities and our environment. We keep each other safe. 
  • Working Together - We are on the same team. We build long-term partnerships. 
  • Discipline - We play by the rules. We set goals and we hold ourselves to account.
  • Excellence - We achieve great results. We learn. We get better.

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